StigCam: Hyundai i30 N vs VW Golf GTI | Top Gear

Watch the Stig’s Teenage Cousins take on the Hyundai i30 N and the VW Golf, as featured in episode four of Series 25, around the Top Gear test track. Find out where to watch the latest series of Top Gear in your country:

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21 thoughts on “StigCam: Hyundai i30 N vs VW Golf GTI | Top Gear

  1. 4ddy23 says:

    great conditions for a battle…. *facepalm

  2. Why traction control on?

  3. Steve Min says:

    idea: next time, on DRY!

  4. BlackWind says:

    Those cracks and pops from the i30 sound like something's broken lol

  5. That drift on gambon though…

  6. Teen stig

  7. Hot wet Stig on Stig action! I'm not gonna ask coz I don't wanna know

  8. A good comparison of the tires) and drivers) but not cars)

  9. D Brown says:

    The Hyundai I30 N is a daily driver built by Biermann to be pushed and punished, and that's why Hyundai won't void your warranty if you take it to the track and push it. The GTI is a plush daily driver that will not withstand the punishment. VW now has to up its game, which means better brakes, bushings and suspension upgrades to run with the N.

  10. Ian Townsend says:

    I’d buy the Up gti & bank the rest

  11. Sahil Navale says:

    Gti was giving esp warning

  12. Good job

  13. Sangmin Lee says:

    waiting for Tucson N with new 2.3 l turbo and 8 speed dct

  14. Isnt the i30 just an elantra outside the us? No reason we shouldnt get it if hyundai/kia want to legitimize their performance branding in the us. Look forward to this in some dry conditions

  15. The Stig says:

    damn i'm good, oh hi the names ben collins

  16. Noko Mehale says:

    Take i30 driver n put him in the gti

  17. fu kam says:

    I think it’s all about the driver

  18. Like Super Pilot! More races in rain! Please Focus RS x Megane RS in rain!

  19. Sergio Blair says:

    This video ROCKS

  20. Ethanmeister says:

    All those exhaust crackles in the Hyundai from the inside makes it sound like it's got a loose driveshaft or something lol

  21. Hyundai is low rent badge.
    Cheap for a reason

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