Trying Not To Kill Your Co-Driver: Alaskan Road Rally Adventure – Carfection

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Road Rally is a real challenge and unlike other motorsports it’s not the speed that’s hard.

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24 thoughts on “Trying Not To Kill Your Co-Driver: Alaskan Road Rally Adventure – Carfection

  1. Program pretty previously your toe lemon buy stay soldier re connect.

  2. Brad F says:

    Navigator is 20 something. Ya they got mixed up didn’t they! No I don’t wonder why!!

  3. nic boris says:

    I wish I had gone to this one! such a great place for USRRC. For anybody that wants to get started into road rally take a look at your local region SCCA. is a good way to find events in your area too. This was the special 3 day event, most are one day and are about 150-300 miles. The rally community is very friendly and helpful to novices…we were all novices at some point. No special equipment is needed, but there are classes for various levels of measuring equipment. There are a few phone apps that are fairly low cost. Scoring is typically based on .01 minutes of error and the closest to 0 is best. Top teams usually turn 0 and single digit scores every leg. However there is almost always a class for novices, come join the fun.

  4. "There's definitely something burning."
    Oh, wow the Cruze engine is ALREADY failing :'D

  5. U could've named the car Penelope Cruse :/

  6. Seems really fun. Wouldn’t mind to try.

  7. Ryan Lange says:

    This is in Anchorage in the beginning. I grew up there. It seems like most of the problems they had is with the navigator not paying attention to the directions and not communicating those to the driver.

  8. Mike Deng says:

    Man this was boring to watch.

  9. Mathew Clark says:

    Surprisingly interesting! I think you'd have to have a certain fiddliness to your personality and hobbies to enjoy this, honestly. Which I do :)

  10. Willy Lamb says:

    Wow this video has a small amount of views.

  11. After the first reference street,
    "We're gonna win this!" lol

  12. In 2008 me and the wife drove to Nice in the South or france from North wales, i drove she map read. We bought a sat nave about half way through france. 17hours we did it in.

    Your video reminds me of this.

  13. Flight of the Navigator is a great film.

  14. dvrogers says:

    This reminds me of my first TSD… And every subsequent TSD.

  15. A co-driver who's not driving is called a navigator. You're welcome.

  16. Dave Taylor says:

    Did not you already post this

  17. Drive as fast as possible, park around the corner from the checkpoint, smoke a fag/eat a burger or whatever takes your fancy. Set off and cross the checkpoint at the right time.

  18. No offense, but this lookz just like a fairly boring activity.

  19. c1house says:

    We held this a few years at our church as a fund raiser and people loved it.

  20. Quiller95 says:

    I did a few 'regularity' rallies back in South Africa. Great fun. Some required sealed stopwatches and blacked out odometers, and had a speed element in them (when on dirt track roads). One I'd love to do here is a so-called 'herringbone' rally on urban public roads late at night

  21. David Cano says:

    Why do you wear an Apple Watch and also a normal watch on your other wrist? That's weird…

  22. Holzvvørm says:

    Great film, I'm inclined to try this as well :D

  23. You should try doing this in the middle of winter, in the Lake District, at night, using OS Maps and grid references to plot the route. Sorts the men from the boys ;)

  24. 126th view

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