We Turned Up The Boost – FOCUS RS!

The RS gets boosted, and is now ready to battle SuperGramps…

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47 thoughts on “We Turned Up The Boost – FOCUS RS!

  1. You got to do two stage turbos.

  2. Jacob Moses says:

    The guys making the Head Gasket comments weren't very clear. The Focus RS's engine has an open desk, which is not a brilliant idea for a boosted application. Basically the head gasket only gets to seal on the tops of the bores and thus can blow quite easily. Here's a video about it https://youtu.be/Nan3LURIq3k

  3. Arabex says:

    Marty & Moog,

    Mates, have you heard about this issue on RS engines?


    Have you taken any measures since you want to go beyond stage +1M?


  4. MikeVonDoom says:


  5. WatchForIce says:


  6. broncokonco says:

    The engineering term for what you experience in a turbo car with a non-linear power deliver is jerk. So what Marty is saying is that he likes to experience jerk.

  7. luke burns says:

    How does the focus only make 315 hp after the tune when the factory spec is 350 hp?

  8. shakalg1 says:

    Its going to blow the head gasket.

  9. McBoyd says:

    "a couple of other projects which is SUPRA exciting" oh moog tell me its true!

  10. opexo says:

    No "headgASKET?!?!!!"-link this time, but it will blow your mind and you will want it on your RS :)

  11. Wh1rly Bird says:

    RIP headgasket

  12. Flyingdonkey says:

    So…. this is 2 blokes talking about nothing really… Driving a nice'ish car around after professionals clearly broke the warranty seals. Seems…. cool I guess. The intro was misleading, it looked like a jam packed action but nothing in end. A AWWAAHHH?

  13. Cylinder issues on these engines

  14. cheat code for your car

  15. Subparanon says:

    It would be awesome to see MCM do the Ford Taurus SHO, the ultimate stock sleeper. Grandfather body, but with a twin turbo V6 and AWD that would eat that Focus RS.

  16. Mark Tellez says:

    Hey guys this is mr. Tellez your friendly bus driver now I would steer you guys wrong would I I just issued a challenge to David and Finnegan challenge was to get a 50 something Dodge panel van truck car like to see the panel van and put a jet motor in it and let it do wheelies and I like to challenge you guys to do the same . Also it seems like you guys are the only ones out there that are the free spirit ones I hope and pray you guys don't go the way roadkill did it's far and in-between to get a good show and keep it on YouTube for those of us that only have access to YouTube thanks and keep the good work up your friendly bus driver beep beep

  17. Have small turbo and a bigger one the small one will spool fast and then the bigger turbo will pull boost through the rpm band

  18. …..Put the lowest most calibration in, the top Cobb tunes are the Off The Shelf crap tunes! :p

  19. Macho Sancho says:

    Stop talking an just do et mottin.

  20. 350hp advertised at the crank minus 272 wheel hp on the first dyno run = 78hp, 22% loss from crank to wheels. Seems like a lot. Is this average? What cars have the most efficient power delivery through the drive system (least loss from crank to wheels?), and what mods can improve this efficiency? I bet electric cars have less loss…

  21. They have a dodgy head setup and they can't handle the extra boost. Heard of plenty of these engines blowing up before they even hit 20 thou on the clock and still bog stock.

  22. Daniel Hall says:

    Just had to re-subscribe… i didint un-subscribe tho….

  23. Sean Cook says:

    Come to the States and hook up my 03 focus svt pleeeeaaasssseeeee?!

  24. @Mighty Car Mods For Stage 23 get a 2.0L block and have it stroked (you guys love stroking) to 2.3l. They are closed deck and the stock block is good to 800HP.

  25. nice

  26. otho bel says:

    π hp on pie day, Hell yeah!

  27. Another cracking videos MCM. I hope your back to the UK soon for a car meet!. I'd love to attend with my supra!

  28. IamTheStig03 says:

    Dyno Mode, More Like Emission Cheating Mode! JK, Great Video Guys!

  29. Nick Ziroli says:

    The RackaRacka shirt!!

  30. R Twix says:

    Nice horizontal space on the fan there….ugh.

  31. Switch to a twin scroll turbo!

  32. 11:00 ……Open Dick?

  33. Schmidt54 says:

    Only answer can be: Bi-turbo!

  34. sipposbft says:

    enjoyed that.. you guys do a great vid

  35. Andrew Paige says:

    Awesome guys

  36. Daniel C says:

    0-100 in 4.2 seconds… DSG golf R does that from the factory… doesn’t look as flamboyant though.

  37. mutanthifi says:

    as interesting as this is guys, have you rewatched some of the crazy shows you used to make lately? Don't go all tame and serious on us!

    PS, lawnmowers

  38. utnooB says:

    I don’t get it. So are the headgaskets going to be a big deal or did they change them already?

  39. 0:05 HeAdGaSkEt??

  40. Should get a proper Stratified tune.

  41. James Shryer says:

    I'm not a ford guy, was always raised that way, until I saw this. This /has/ to be the sexiest focus I've ever seen, and I might be a ford guy now. Thank you for the videos!!!

  42. DaGrumpz says:

    Marty, Supergramps will break another axle before it chops the RS, You're going to get chopped mate!

  43. That Racka Racka Merch lmfao

  44. Until you take out the stock computer it's not fast. Never will be until it's pegging 9k rpm. Pectel ecu for the ones wondering and a new head obviously but let me stop my arrogant behavior

  45. Heeeeead gaaaaaskeeeeet lol

  46. Heloo if you can pls bild projekt drift car for 3000$

  47. You should 1/4 mile race the Ford focus rs with the fast beetle Mrs daisy

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