Yeti Hunting in Bhutan – Carfection

That’s what we did. We went to Bhutan to try and find a yeti. The only car we could take was, obviously, a Skoda Yeti.

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40 thoughts on “Yeti Hunting in Bhutan – Carfection

  1. Atharva Atre says:

    Are all the cars indian skodas?????

  2. Ondrej Necas says:

    Bored with this AD. Carfection is nowhere close to what XCar has been.

  3. nice ad

  4. If the largest of the primates such as gorillas do exist it's no surprise that yetis too keeping the extreme harshness of himalayas in mind.Good video

  5. thm4855 says:

    What is so special about this? I could drive on these roads with my litlle Mercedes Benz B 180cdi 20013 model.

  6. yellow6ird says:

    Always wanted to travel Bhutan, just did not expect you guys ended up there. Love the video, love the car.

  7. Ethan Wilson says:

    Really well done :)

  8. Why only 6 min long??? Where's the rest

  9. Chris Dooley says:

    Loving the exotic locale guys

  10. Scott RC says:

    that are great but with that much ground clearance and independent suspension it won't be able to do any serious off road

  11. kagolko says:

    All of that "off roading" I could do with my old rusty Peugeot 206 loool..

  12. blueman24 says:

    wow that car has registration plates from my state in India! Please review my Hyundai accent. I promise it is a speed demon, factory riced with aftermarket vtec

  13. Anandhukesav says:

    Wow you guys came to Bhutan,do a meet up in India guys if you come back again…

  14. This film was an hour to short ! More more more, please,,,,,,,,,,,,,

  15. Val Ciobanu says:

    I trusted you…

  16. wow.. MH registered? Did Skoda India sponsor this or Skoda got the cars from India?

  17. What did we learn? Apparently Alex fancies a paid trip to Bhutan. More? Nah, what a waste!

  18. A Chauhan says:

    These cars are Maharashtra registered!!!!

  19. Dmitry L says:

    How much money did Skoda spend on this promotion, every single magazine/journalist seem to have done this

  20. I wonder how hard would it be, if Skoda, or even Seat, came here to the States, competed with the imports, like Toyota, Nissan, Honda and Hyundai. The Yeti looks very nice to me.

  21. The editing on this video was kinda sloppy

  22. trefod says:

    I think it is good form to mention sponsored content. If one wants to be taken seriously as a reviewer.

  23. Indian car in Bhutan. Hahaha

  24. BrabusBandit says:

    VAG and their fucking fog lights that turn on when cornering!?! ARGHHHHH stop this you imbeciles!!! ¬.¬

  25. you have summoned overproud indian, carfection.

  26. shadymike88 says:

    czech car company, indian registeration plates, bhutanese countryside and a british crew! :D
    Carfection is going global!

  27. Alan Pang says:

    One of carfection's best episodes yet.

  28. errorcode99 says:

    Better than Top Gear!

  29. Bhutan Clan ain't nuthing ta fuck wit!

  30. queenform says:

    this video is deeper than i thought

  31. L D Gill says:

    hey carfection u came to India why no video about motoring in INDIA!!

  32. Afzal Ahmad says:

    plz have a meet up in India….I know those cars are of Indian registered….plz atleast met us in Bihar…

  33. welcome to kinda of india Mr…….!!!

  34. Akash Gupta says:

    bhutan near india :) awesome place :) i visited once :) p.s are those yeti india registered ? i think so i saw MH no. plate

  35. Would luv to talk with the lady at the 3:40 mark :)

  36. What are you? An Arab? Wearing that keffiah?

  37. I know you had some sponsored videos but this is ridiculous. You're describing Škoda Yeti as some extremely capable offroader and yet in most shots you were driving it on dirt roads that could be traversed by any hatchback with a decent ground clearance. I'm not saying it's a bad car, on the contrary, but it's not a proper off road vehicle.

  38. ULT says:

    The Skoda Yeti is super underrated . A soft roader that more than gets the job done and is super practical and has a decent motor . Absolute value for your money .

  39. just in case you're curious, that number plate says MH20 which means the car is from India. MH20 is Maharashtra state and that is where i live. hello from India!

  40. The Skoda Yeti is an awesome car. I'm saving for one at the moment.

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